Nexxt Level Total Return Fund LP is an opportunistic municipal bond trading model which seeks to create equity-like returns within the municipal bond market. We utilize proprietary trading strategies honed over decades of institutional experience.

Long standing relationships are key to this process wherein obtaining allocations to optimal deals and best execution are a competitive advantage.

The Fund combines a carry trade with leverage of up to 5x1 with active trading in order to amplify income and seeks to produce superior-risk adjusted returns for clients.

The Investment Manager, in its discretion, may also employ certain hedging strategies, including, but not limited to, investing Fund assets in U.S. Treasuries, financial futures contracts and options, interest rate swaps, and closed end mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

A portion of the Fund's returns are free from Federal, State, and Local Taxes, depending on residency.

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This Program is only open to: “qualified clients” as defined under Rule 205.3.

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