INCEPTION 04/1/2012

The above data is based upon the average annual returns since 4/01/12. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Results listed are as of 8/31/2020.

This program is a hybrid which combines aspects of a traditionally managed laddered portfolio with an active trading strategy. It is focused primarily on generating income with a growth component. Client accounts will be invested with the majority of the portfolio constructed to maximize income. A portion of the portfolio will be available to participate in leveraged active trading. Securities held in this portfolio are generally but not limited to higher coupon with short call features known as "kicker" or "cushion" bonds. These bonds provide additional yield to the investor but trade at a significant premiums above par ($100).

Incorporating short term trading strategies produces a unique opportunity to decrease the amortization on core holdings and promote portfolio growth. This program seeks to enhance the total return potential of client portfolios that are generally considered conservative in terms of risk tolerance. Allocation percentage of "core" and "trading" is 80% core, 20% levered trading. The combination of investment strategies provides the potential for higher yield and performance in a "blended" return. 

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